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The Benefits of Using Aluminium Profile as Conveyor Material

The Benefits of Using Aluminium Profile as Conveyor Material

What Is Aluminium Profile And How Does It Work In Conveyor Systems?

Aluminium profiles are aluminium alloys that are shaped through extrusion process to create certain shapes. These aluminium profiles are often used as part of a modular system. Aluminium profiles are cut to sizes and then assembled using other modular parts to create new products such as conveyor, rack, workstation and many other frame-like products.

Why Should You Use Aluminium Profiles For Your Conveyor System?

What is a conveyor? A conveyor is a vital piece of machinery that help industries move their products fro one point to another point. A conveyor is vital to every industries’ productivity because it helps save production costs and streamline production process while moving products safely using an adjustable speed. Having a conveyor is really the best investment an industry could make.

Then what is this about using aluminium profiles in your conveyor system?

Well, a conveyor frame can be made out of many material types while each having their own advantages. Some industries are satisfied using steel as their conveyor frame material, some needs their conveyor to be using aluminium, while others, such as food & beverage industries, require food-grade stainless steel for their conveyors.

“And why should I use aluminium profiles then?”, you may ask. So let’s get down to business.

Advantages Of Using Aluminium Profiles For Your Conveyor System

Conveyors made using aluminium profile have the fastest production lead time compared to other materials. This is because aluminium profile conveyor is assembled using knock-down system. Basically it is a LEGO for adults.

Another benefit of using aluminium profiles for your conveyor system is that it cost less in maintenance! Not only does it reduce maintenance duration (due to its fast and easy re-assembly process), it also saves on repair cost where if you have damaged parts, you can simply disassemble and replace it with new parts. No welding needed!

Do you want a table beside your conveyor for packing? Or do you need to side guides so your products don’t fell of the conveyor? Easy! With aluminium profile conveyors, you can easily attach any sort of things to your existing conveyor. Like we said, it’s basically a toy that you can pull apart and then put back together.

Application Of Aluminium Profiles In Conveyor Systems

Conveyor using aluminium profiles as frame can be used for many applications. If you can imagine it, it’s most likely possible to make. Conveyor systems can be used for many applications from a simple product delivery line, packaging line to support complex processes such as integrating automatic weighing scale underneath conveyor, automatic quality checks to filter out the bad batch and a lot more.

“I’m really into it now”, I can hear you say.

Buying a conveyor isn’t as complicated as you might think. The one thing you need is the power of will (and of course a rough idea on how you want your conveyor to be would help!). Conveyor manufacturers usually provides a consultation process where they can help you design your own conveyor. Fortunately in Connect Automation you can consult your ideas for FREE.

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