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Connect Automation Product Solutions


Belt Conveyor Made by Connect Automation
Connect Automation provides a wide range of conveyor belts to meet the diverse needs of your production line. We provide, among others, PVC belts which are commonly used in various industries, food-grade PU, and also mesh belts. Our Sales Engineer will recommend the exact type of belt for your industry. See more .
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Roller Conveyor Made by Connect Automation
Connect Automation provides a wide range of conveyor belts to meet the diverse needs of your production line. We provide gravity roller conveyors and motorized roller conveyors. Furthermore, we also manufacture belt-driven, chain-driven, and lineshaft roller conveyors. Our Sales Engineer will recommend the precise type of roller conveyor to increase the efficiency of your production line. See more .
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Modular Conveyor
Connect Automation manufactures modular conveyor to meet the demands of food and beverage (F&B) industries all the way to pharmaceutical industries which requires food grade conveyor within its production processes. See more .


Table Top Chain Conveyor
We produced table top chain conveyors or commonly known as bottle conveyor. As the name says, these conveyors are commonly used for bottle transfer inside production processes. See more .


Workstation Solutions
We manufactured workstations to ease maintenance, packing and product assembly processes within your industry. We will give you recommended and ergonomic design that fulfill your workstation requirements. See more .
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Guarding Solutions
We provides safety guardings to enhance safety and hygiene inside your production line and your industrial machineries. Our guardings are available in many types such as cover machine guarding and perimeter guardings. See more .
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Machine Base Solutions
Machine base is simply the table or base for industrial machineries. Machine bases are used to counter dynamic load produced by machine's internal movements or external movements. That said, machine base have the ability to protect your machineries from unwanted or unexpected movements. See more .


Enclosure Solutions
Our enclosure allows you to control environment variables such as temperature, humidity, light frequency, pressure and other environemntal variables that you might want to control within your industry. We will always give you the best enclosure design suitable to your needs. See more .


Trolley & Cart Solutions
Our standard trolleys are the essence of efficient Lean Manufacturing. Trolley can be used to move parts and items anywhere easily. We designed our trolleys to be reliable while maintaining the trolley's functionality. See more .


Racking Solutions
All these years we've been making high-priority projects for our customers including rack projects. We are able to make almost all racking system that you can think of, fast and efficient. See more .