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What is Lean Manufacturing

What is lean manufacturing? Lean manufacturing is a production method aimed primarily at reducing times within the production system as well as response times from suppliers and to customers. Lean manufacturing focuses on reduction waste in the manufacturing system and simultaneously maximize productivity. Waste is defined as anything that doesn't add up value to customers and are not willing to pay for it.

Overview of Lean Manufacturing

Over time Lean has become an industry itself. It has become a set of rigid tools and processes that work but went against the concept of lean fundamentally. Do you need training and certification to make your product more efficiently and be customer demand driven? No.
What we have done is take Paul Akers 2 Second Lean concept and tried to simplify it to its' basics. Yes simplified it even more. His system simply consists of "Fix what annoys you" – but how do you apply this to a team which culturally never get annoyed? This was our proposition. Quite simply you have to come up with a concept that works for your environment.
Can everyone do 2 Second Lean? Yes with the right commitment and drive from their leader.

Few Simple Examples

Daily Meeting. Have a daily prestart meeting with the whole team so that communication is transparent. Take turns leading the meeting so everyone improves their communication skills.
Constant Improvement. Everyday every person does one small thing to make life easier and communicate it to the daily meeting so others can learn from it too. Allocate time for improvement to be carried out to prove the value the company sees in this. If every day processes improve the compounding effect would be massive over time. Plus team morale improves substantially as well.
Put Everything on Wheels. This makes movement easier, faster and less manpower required.
Equipment Maintenance. When a piece of equipment arrives from a supplier – it is the worst condition it will ever be in. It will be improved and kept in such a way (treated with respect) so it looks better and outperforms its original condition.
Connect Automation, a company that makes conveyors in Indonesia has apply Lean Manufacturing principles in the production process and in work environment. Our company adapted from the book "2 Second Lean". written by Paul Akers, founder of the company FastCap. Therefore, we guarantee that our production results are of higher quality and no materials are used wasted, because we optimize the use of raw materials as efficiently as possible possible and measurable according to the lean concept that focuses on reduction waste. We are the only manufacturing company in Indonesia that apply Lean Manufacturing principles.

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