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Connect Automation Documents Download Center

On this page you will find documents related to Connect Automation's products. These documents can be used to find references or guides on how to use Connect Automation's product. Some documents that can be found on this page including brochures, usage guidelines, maintenance guidelines, data sheets and others.

Belt conveyor uses a belt made out of PVC / PU / Mesh material to move product from one conveyor end to the other conveyor end. The conveyor belt material being used is selected based on the products that are to be transported.

Conveyor Brochure v3.0.pdf
Belt Conveyor CV40 Motor-Gearbox Speed.pdf
Belt Conveyor CV80 Motor-Gearbox Speed.pdf

Roller conveyor uses multiple spinning rollers to move products by moving each product from the first roller to the next rollers. Roller conveyor have a varying friction factor depending on the type of roller it uses.

Conveyor Brochure v3.0.pdf

Modular conveyor uses a belt that are typically made out of plastic modules that are assembled together into one belt similar to those in belt conveyors. Modular conveyor is a food-grade conveyor including the plastic modules that are used as its belt.

Modular Conveyor Brochure v3.0.pdf
Modular Conveyor Motor-Gearbox Speed.pdf
Sanitation Guidelines - Modular Conveyor.pdf

Table top chain conveyor have similar parts like those in modular conveyor, the difference between the two is on the width of the conveyor. Table top chain conveyor typically have a much narrower width compared to modular conveyor. Table top chain conveyor typically used to transport small and tall products such as bottles.

Table Top Chain Conveyor Brochure v3.0.pdf

Workstation can be used for many things from ordinary workstation, quality control station, assembly station to packaging station. Workstation can be used for many things and its design can be adjusted to every needs.

Workstation Brochure v1.4.pdf

Safety guarding is used to protect people working near machineries. Safety guardings can be used as perimeter barrier of machine areas and also to prevent flying objects coming out of the machines.

Safety Guarding Brochure v3.0.pdf
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