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Trolley & Carts Solutions


Product and Industrial Trolley

Connect Automation provides trolleys using standard designs and sizes. We try to fulfill the needs of standard trolleys before going to custom designs. In terms of time, cost and performance, non-standard specifications can cause the use of trolleys to be less than optimal and the opportunity to increase productivity is greatly reduced.

    Benefit of Using Trolleys

  • Move product much more efficiently
  • Move more product – greater volume
  • Reduce physical stress on employees
  • Doubles as buffer storage for process operations
  • Can be automated for use with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

    Importance in Trolley Design

  • Correct wheel type for operating surface
  • Correct wheel diameter for operating surface
  • Correct aspect ratio for stability
  • Appropriate safety factor for surge loading
  • Appropriate safety factor for load allowing for overloading

Trolley Price

Connect Automation provides the best quality and competitive prices to meet your cart needs. Our Sales Engineers are ready to give the best recommendations at the right price only at Connect Automation. Our offices are located in several big cities in Indonesia including Jakarta, Surabaya, and Semarang.