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Machine Base Solutions


Machine bases are basically a table for industrial machines. Machine bases used to counter dynamic load produced by machine’s vibration, movement’s and many more. When a machine is placed onto a machine base, it gives the machine more stability compared to when the machine is placed directly on the floor. To provide even more stability, a machine base is bolted fix to the floor. Due to the addition of stability, machine bases are used to be the base of machines that requires precision to operate correctly such as automated robot arm. Connect Automation uses aluminium profile to assemble machine bases which makes modification or feature addition in the future easy and fast. Aluminium profile is so modular that we can assemble machine bases which can support your machinery best, giving them stability and more precision.

    Recommended Applications

  • Machine frame/base
  • Oven machine frame
  • Robotic arm foundation table
  • Automotive custom machine
  • Polishing machine