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Standard Conveyor vs Custom Conveyor

Standard Conveyor vs Custom Conveyor

Conveyors are industrial machines to move products from one location to another rather easily. Conveyor really ease item transfer especially in mass quantity compared to manual transfer which uses manpower. Conveyor also have other functionalities that supports industrial productivity, such as packing, quality control, sorting and a whole lot more processes that are supported with the use of conveyors.

With many functionalities that conveyor machine supported, comes with the many shapes and types of conveyor machines. There are traditional type of conveyors such as belt conveyor and roller conveyor, and there are the more modern types like modular conveyor and table top chain conveyor.

This high number of conveyor types and shapes confuses people, especially those that don't know much about it. What is the design of a conveyor machine? How does the design fit my industry needs? Here's how we create conveyor designs for our customers .

There are 2 design categories or conveyor shapes according to Connect Automation, and they are standard and custom.

Standard Design

Standard designs of conveyor machine are the flagship of conveyor makers. This is because those standard designs have already gone through testing processes and is officially deemed reliable. Not just it, standard designs of a conveyor machine are also the fastest design to be assembled by conveyor supplier, because the parts are already available and doesn't require any pre-order.

Our recommendation is, if the standard conveyor design from your supplier already fulfill what your industry needs, then the best option is to go for the standard designed conveyor.

Custom Design

If the said standard design conveyor haven't fulfill your needs or you still feel hesitant with said design, then it's highly possible to discuss a custom design conveyor with your supplier. Conveyors are machines that supports many industries, and hence is highly logical if a customer wants a conveyor design that will fulfill their needs.

What's considered as custom? Is it the difference size? Is it the additional side guides that are considered custom design?

Conveyors that are said to be custom are conveyor designs which parts we never used before. Can the supplier builds it? Absolutely. Albeit, when a supplier is working on a conveyor with new parts, they will have to design (from scratch) the parts that supports it as well. Please note that using parts that are not stocked by suppliers, carries its own risks, because supplier can't guarantee the functionality or reliability of the new parts.

Connect Automation is the largest conveyor supplier company in Indonesia and is certified for ISO 9001 : 2015. Connect Automation provides many option for customer's conveyor design, from standard conveyor to custom conveyor which gives plenty of standard specification options. As a conveyor supplier company in Indonesia, Connect Automation can and have been helping customers' needs throughtout Indonesia. Connect Automatmion as the best conveyor supplier also offers service features such as free consultation and price match guarantee. Free consultation is available for customers who are still deciding on what kind of conveyor they would need while price match guarantee is available so customers would always get quality products with competetive prices. No need to hesitate, immediately consult with our Sales Engineer to realize your dream conveyor with us!