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How to Help Increase Conveyor Efficiency in Production Lines

How to Help Increase Conveyor Efficiency in Production Lines

Conveyors are often found in various industries, from the food industry, cosmetics, to mining. Being a system that can be fully automated, without the need for human assistance, the conveyor can operate 24/7, producing and packaging products throughout the day and night. This automated handling system is an important factor for any warehouse or factory. Here are several ways to increase conveyor efficiency in your production line.

Let the Conveyor Move Efficiently

Conveyors have the task of carrying loads at certain times. Even though there are some conveyors that are capable of carrying loads up to their limit, this will result in damage over a long period of time. Make sure the product is not overloaded and the weight does not exceed the specified limits, because one conveyor is important to ensure an efficient and healthy production line.

Automate Everything You Can

Sometimes human assistance is needed in the manufacturing process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is true, any abnormal product or production problem can be identified and handled by humans much faster than any machine. However, under certain circumstances, humans may not be needed. When this is the case, the short-term costs of automating what they do will outweigh the long-term production benefits.

Make sure there are no products piled up on the conveyor

Ensuring that no items become dead weight is very important. This relates to the efficiency of not having to wait unless absolutely necessary, such as giving the product time for the cooling process, settling process, or being tested and inspected. In addition, leaving the product for a long time on the conveyor will cause heavy stress on the occupied area. This will affect the health of the conveyor when goods are piled up.

Running Conveyors Simultaneously to Increase Work Efficiency

When the production process in industry has a lot of products that need to be moved, one conveyor may work too hard, until it slows down. Overloading the conveyor can also cause production problems that have a serious impact on the production process. Implementing multiple conveyors doing the same job will help reduce the workload of each conveyor, allowing them to operate at their maximum capacity while still maintaining efficiency.

Make repairs to inspections on the conveyor periodically

As time goes by, the motor and conveyor belt will inevitably become damaged or worn out. As damage or wear increases, the conveyor begins to move slower and requires more power to do so. Checking the conveyor before it breaks is an important action to ensure that you can prevent problems with the conveyor.

Is it Worth the Investment in a Quality Conveyor System?

Taking steps to invest in the right, quality conveyor system is a great way to lower production costs and increase the long-term value of your business. This happens because of the fast movement of products, which will improve the production process. Not only does it reduce costs, but it can help save time in the long run. What are you waiting for, immediately consult your conveyor needs with us here.

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