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Connect Automation In Plastics & Rubber Expo 16 - 19 November

Expo Plastic & Rubber 2022

Connect Automation joins Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 (Plaspak) which is held by Pamerindo and located at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta on 16-19 November 2022. Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 is an International Manufacturing Exhibition which held the 33rd plastic and rubber industry themed exhibition. Most vendors of Plastics & Rubber Expo consists of plastic moulding and injection machine seller. Enthusiasm of visitors are also visible in the first and also the opening day of Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 on 16 November.

Connect Automation joins Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 bringing 4 item displays which represents the industrial solutions that we provides. These displays are mini versions of the industrial solution consists of PVC Belt Conveyor, Modular Conveyor, Table Top Chain Conveyor and Safety Guarding. The displays we brought along to Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 is the center of attention for visitors who passes by Connect Automation’s booth in hall A3 booth A-3210 which is located at the side hook of Pertamina’s booth. These displays also have many Connect Automation’s brochures and catalogs which we shared to visitors along with the goodie bags in Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022. Brochures and catalogs that we shared can also be downloaded in this link.

Connect Automation attended in hall A3 as an expert of providing industrial solution that facilitates companies to increase their productivity using products that integrates Lean concept. Most of the visitors came from industry that is in need of machines and tools for houseware plastic injection and also engages in other part of machine production. There are several visitors that are from rubber producion industry with products such as tires and dolls. Several visitors also came because they need a Table Top Chain Conveyor for their water bottle or cosmetics production line. Some needed Safety Guarding and Machine Cover for safety measures in their industrial area.

Connect Automation have helped companies by increasing their productivity.

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40% vendors from Plastics & Rubber Expo 2022 in A1, A2, A3 and also hall D are companies from outside Indonesia and the other 60% are local and machine importers. Connect Automation is proud to be one of the vendor attending in hall A3 in Plastic & Rubber Expo 2022. Connect Automation is a local manufacturing product that has TKDN value of 34-37% with workshops in Surabaya and Cikarang and also sales office in Semarang. Connect Automation is present in 3 different provinces to reach growing industries in Indonesia easier.

Most visitors in Connect Automation’s booth are directors, technicians and managements of multiple plastic injection-moulding industry and rubber production from Tangeran, Cikarang, Bandung, Semarang although most came from West java. Some industries from Central Java and Surabaya that uses plastic products were also there. With Plastic & Rubber Expo 2022, Connect Automation became more known by industries that previously didn’t know about local production of industrial solution using conveyor. Connect Automation also did a meet and greet while improving relationships with several customers that attended Plastic & Rubber Expo 2022.

The increasing occurrence of exhibition and gathering of B2B industries in Indonesia is because manufacturing industries are having a significant growth based on Industrial Ministry report in mid October 2022. This gathering will be at peek later on 30 November in an Indonesia Manufacturing Expo which will be held by Pamerindo also. With Connect Automation attended the Rubber & Plastic Expo 2022 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, we hope to provide the best industrial solution to all manufacturing companies and industries across Indonesia.

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