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Selecting The Best Conveyor for Packaging Industry

The Best Conveyor for Packaging Industry

The growing demand for food and beverages (F&B) in Indonesia has triggered an increasing demand for packaged products. The productivity of the packaging industry is expected to be able to balance the needs of the community, especially to meet the needs of the F&B industry.

The conveyor's usage is one of the factors to facilitate the production process in producing goods or services. The selection of the proper conveyor to be applied in the production line of the packaging industry is vital to increase efficiency and maintain the quality of the packaging product itself, especially for F&B products.

Packaging Industry Needs Conveyor

Basically, conveyors are needed to ease transport from start to end point. But, with the increasing varieties of industrial products, so does the complexity of conveyor systems rises. One of which is the need for conveyor that does not only transport product, but also sort and accumulate products

There are several production lines within packaging industry and each production line may requires different type of conveyor. For example, a belt conveyor would be compatible for packaging sorting process. So, how do you define conveyor needs within other production lines?

Here are some technicalities that you might want to know to select the best conveyor for packaging industry.

Conveyor Design

After determining the best conveyor type that fulfil the functions of your production line, you need to have complete measurements of the area you're about to use. Then you may design the conveyor routes or you can consult it with a professional team to best draw the most reliable conveyor design.

The design of this packaging industry's conveyor will very much determine your belt selection and additionnal accessories. For example, you would need an incline conveyor to transport product from a lower start point to a higher end point. You can use a glossy belt so your product does not slip easily and actually make it to the end point. Glossy belts are rather rougher compared to non-glossy belts.

The need for declining and curving are also part of conveyor design. The type of belt conveyor need to be readjusted should you need a sharp curved conveyor. Modular conveyor will surely fit the need for a curve conveyor design.

Conveyor Speed

Next, from the available conveyor design, you need to specify what velocity does each conveyor needs within the production lines. It's pivotal to understand that packaging industries are required to expedite transport processes while maintaining the product quality

Conveyor speed can be acquired from using conveyor motor, single phase and 3 phase. And because most of the packaging products are included in medium-light duty category, it would suffice to use a single phase motor conveyor to fulfil the industry's needs.

A 3 phase motor conveyor can be use in packaging industry. But there are some factors to be considered when selecting single phase or 3 phase motor so you can increase the effectiveness of your production lines

Determining your conveyor speed is crucial to fit the dynamics of your packaging industry's production lines. User of these conveyors can also have full control over the speed of the conveyor and can be adjusted freely. Commonly speed control for conveyors are divided into 3 levels: low, medium and high.

Conveyor Load Capacity

Individual product weight and the total weight on the conveyor is also a determining factor on choosing a conveyor for packaging industry. Though packaging industry is a medium-light duty industry, if we accumulate all the products in mass quantity and they need to be moved all at once, then you need to consider the size of that conveyor that supports the total weight of products or materials to be moved.

Almost all parts of conveyor depends on the weight of products to be transported. For example, rollers' diameter of a conveyor can be adjusted to fit the load. The heavier the load, the larger diameter those rollers will be.

Determining Packaging Industry Conveyor

    Understanding technicalities like,
  • Conveyor design
  • Conveyor speed
  • Conveyor load capacity

will ease you in selecting what you really need within each production lines, especially for you who works within packaging industry. Common cases are the conveyor designs are so complex without minding the reliability of that design. This is due to lack of understanding of technicalities that are a deciding factor on selecting the best conveyor.

Your conveyor specifications will be much clearer once you understand above technicalities. This surely ease how you explain what you need to a conveyor supplier. Take a look at specifications of our conveyor:

Once you understood what you clearly need, the next step is to find a supplier or conveyor manufacturers that are experienced in supplying to packaging industry. You should also ask for proof of projects as a baseline for their conveyor production result. Conveyor is one of your company's investments, so go with the supplier that are highly experienced and reliable