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Connect Automation Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibitions 2023

Connect Automation Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibitions 2023

Connect Automation as one of the manufacturing industries in Indonesia has the opportunity to attend the Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibitions 2023 on 6-9 December 2023, precisely at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta. Manufacturing Indonesia Exhibitions is an exhibition with the theme of the international scale manufacturing industry with various products from the manufacturing industry that will be displayed at the exhibition.

Manufacturing Indonesia is the largest international manufacturing exhibition in Indonesia which provides a professional business platform for the Indonesian manufacturing industry. In its 32nd edition, Manufacturing Indonesia has attracted the attention of industry leaders and owners in the global manufacturing industry who want to showcase their latest products and services. Combining Machine Tool Indonesia, Tools & Hardware Indonesia and Industrial Automation & Logistics Indonesia, this event provides the most effective way to scale your business in Southeast Asia's largest manufacturing market.

Connect Automation have helped companies by increasing their productivity.

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Connect Automation joined the Manufacturing Indonesia Exibhition 2023 by bringing 5 displays such as Belt Conveyor, Modular Conveyor, Table Top Chain Conveyor, Roller Conveyor and Safety Guarding. The display that we brought to this expo is equipped with a Connect Automation brochure and catalog which can be downloaded at this link.

The increasing popularity of exhibitions, expos and B2B meeting parties in Indonesia is due to the manufacturing industry experiencing significant growth based on reports from the Ministry of Industry. It is hoped that Connect Automation's participation in the Manufacturing Expo in Surabaya can provide the best industrial solutions for companies and the manufacturing industry in Indonesia.

Connect Automation is a leading industrial solutions provider, serving the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry. With a comprehensive suite of products and services, Connect Automation is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their operations, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable growth.

Connect Automation is proud to be one of the participants at Manufacturing Expo 2023. Connect Automation is a locally made product and has a TKDN (Domestic Component Level). Connect Automation products are manufactured by experts and professionals, we have our own workshop, and our products are quality local products. Therefore, Connect Automation is here for you to overcome efficiency and effectiveness during production.

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