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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Adjustable Leg On Your Conveyor

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Adjustable Leg On Your Conveyor

Conveyor And Its Many Applications

In the early date, conveyors are used just to move things around the facilities but today, conveyors have been used for much more than that. Conveyors can now be integrated with other machines, to further speed up industry processes. A conveyor end can be put inside a machine to fetch the products coming out of that machine. A conveyor can also be integrated with devices such as automatic weighing scale, quality control sensor and many more.

Introducing Connect Automation’s Adjustable Leg

Adjustable legs are conveyor legs that uses telescopic concept to enable height adjustment of the conveyor. Connect Automation invented this new leg system to better meet the needs of industries. Each adjustable leg have a handle that you can rotate easily to adjust the height of the conveyor. This would make integrating to other machines much easier as it usually have a specified height. In this article we will be discussing some of the benefits that adjustable legs have to offer.

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Easier Conveyor Integration With Other Machines

If you need a conveyor that fetches products from other machines, or if you need one of your conveyor end to be put into a machine, than look no further than using adjustable legs. Using adjustable legs, you no longer have to worry about whether the conveyor height is compatible with your existing machines or not. On installation, Connect Automation’s team will adjust the conveyor’s height so the whole process would be running smooth and fast.

Adjustable Height On Demand

Whenever you want or need that conveyor the change height, you can easily change it without any technical background on the conveyor. You simply rotate the handle on each adjustable leg and you would have the height you want in less than 1 minute. No tools. No parts. No complexity that waste your production time. With adjustable leg, you can move your conveyor to any height and it would still work like nothing’s changed.

Easier To Repurpose The Conveyor

Have you ever throw out or replace the machine that you integrate your conveyor with? When you’re using adjustable legs for your conveyor, you don’t need to worry about finding replacement machines that matches your conveyor’s height. All you have to keep in mind is the range of height your conveyor have and then you can simply adjust the conveyor’s height whenever the new machine arrived.

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