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The Best Conveyor Belt For Food Industry To Packaging Industry

Belt Types for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging and Automotive Industries
Just like conveyor frame, the types of belt conveyor being used to move products are also varies. Every kind gives its own function and characteristics within any industries.
Every industry needs to use the right material and belt conveyor which is based on its uses within each production line. Take for example production of biscuits which required to belt conveyors that are safe for foods or known as food grade. It’s important for you to understand belt conveyor’s material, its uses and its type.

Belt Conveyor for Food

Food and Beverage industry (F&B) uses food grade belt conveyor. This is because direct contact between the conveyor material and F&B products that are being transferred. This requires the material of belt conveyor to be sterile so products can be safely consumed.
There are 2 types of belt that can be use for F&B industry, they are PU and PVC food grade belt. Here’s why:

PU Belt Food Grade

PU Belt Conveyor Food Grade untuk Industri Food and Beverage
This food grade PU belt is less likely to worn out compared to PVC belt. Besides, PU belts are stronger when collided with other objects. That is why PU belts are more durable compared to PVC.

PVC Belt Food Grade

PVC belts are offered cheaper than what PU belts offers. This belt’s mixture can be made so antistatic, dust or debris particles will not stick to the belt.

Belt Conveyor for Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical industries requires special handling for its material and its products. Not only hygene within production processes, easeness of product handling within this industry play huge role in maintaining productivity.

Modular Belt Conveyor

Modular Conveyor untuk Industri Farmasi
This conveyor is commonly used to move materials for F&B, cosmetics to pharmaceuticals which requires hygene on its processes and equipments within production line. These conveyors are much more dynamic compared to PVC or PU belt conveyor for food grade necessities. Moreover, its slippery surface makes it easies to process product transfers.

Belt Conveyor for Packaging

Packaging industries needs conveyor that fits the products and have long lifetime. The use of proper belt conveyor increase processes efficiency and maintains packaging quality produced.

PVC Belt Conveyor

PVC Belt Conveyor untuk Industri Kemasan
If the products being moved are less than 1kg in weight, then PVC belt can be used to move the products within packaging industry. Moreover belt conveyors are highly compatible to move heap loads of products. Its angle can also be adjusted to what your production line needs.

Belt Conveyor for Automotive Spareparts

Automotive sparepart industries requires heat-resistant conveyor that less likely to get damaged when in contact with oil.

Mesh Belt Conveyor

Mesh Belt Conveyor untuk Industri Otomotif
Mesh belts are designed to allow air flow and also to prevent residual liquid from products to stick on the belt. Mesh belts are also heat-resistant up to 200 degrees Celcius. This is why a mesh belt conveyors are highly compatible for automotive industries.


Every type of conveyor’s belt have their own unique characteristics and usage. Its pivotal to clearly understand each one of them to maintain products’ quality when transferring. Did you know besides belt conveyor, a lot of industries also using roller conveyor within their industry for a different needs?
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