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3 Common Issues Found on Conveyor and Its Preventative Measure

3 Common Issues on Conveyor and Its Preventative Measure

Conveyor has become one of many tools to expedite production process inside industries. If issues or breakdown occurs on a conveyor, it would of course slow down the production process. Then how can we prevent problems on conveyors? What are the cause of such issues?

Here are 3 common issues on a conveyor and how to prevent them.

Roller Slips

    A slipped roller is a condition where the belt does not move according to roller drive rotation. This could be caused by 2 things:
  • Loose belt
  • Friction between belt and frame

Loose belt is on variable that make roller slips. A loose belt leads to minimum to no friction between belt and roller drive. This causes belt to stay in place when the roller drive rotates. Prevent this issue by doing check-ups and re-tensioning so the belt tension kept in the recommended tension rate provided by belt suppliers.

Friction between belt and frame could happen if the items put onto the belt are too heavy so the belt curved down touching the frame surface. This wouldn't cause the roller to slip if the items' weight could still be pulled by the motor. If and only if the total weight of the items exceed the motor's maximum support weight, then the roller would be slipping. This can also causes the motor to overheat if done continuously.

Conveyor Squeaks or Make Noises

    This issue is indicated by squeakly sound on any part of the conveyor. There are 3 things that could cause this:
  • Mis-aligned roller shaft
  • Worn or broken bearings
  • Overheating motor

Mis-aligned roller shaft could happen because of faulty installment of roller shafts or on assembly. Mis-aligned roller shaft could cause frictions between shaft's surface and other part's surface which produces squeaking noise. Preventative measure for this issue is to always check roller shaft at the end of every belt maintenance or any process related to the roller shaft. This is done after re-tensioning belt so the roller shaft is kept in place and not moved even an inch.

Worn or broken bearings could be caused by aged bearings or mis-alignment of shaft installed into the bearing. Bearing damaged usualy indicated by a fractured or busted bearing balls and the fragments are what actually produces the noise.

Overheating motor could also produce noise coming from that motor. A motor is said to overheat when it reaches or exceeds temperature of 80°C. Conveyor motor usualy comes with a maximum supported weight of items that can be moved with the belt and if the total load exceeds that limit, then motor would work significantly harder and therefore increases its temperature. To prevent overheatings, just treat the motor as it should be and always check for its age.

Torn Conveyor Belt

The most important thing to note to avoid torn belt is to select the appropriate belt material based on what you need. Conveyor user often chooses the wrong belt material due to lack of education and recommendation from their conveyor manufacturers. We can't emphasize enough that you must choose a conveyor manufacturer with the best products and even better service.

    Moreover, there are 3 things that could cause torn belt:
  • Crooked belt joint
  • Sanitary of belt area

A crooked belt joint causes damaged bit by bit to the belt area and will eventually tear down the belt. A not neat joint belt can also cause a belt tear and therefore can no longer be used. Prevent this issue only by selecting the best belt supplier.

Sanitary of belt area is another variable that causes torn belt. Sanitary here isn't only applies to dust or common dirt, but also applies to objects that shouldn't be around or on the conveyor belt. If there is a sharp object or hard object stuck around the roller or belt, then it is most likely the belt would rub against it constantly and eventually ripped.

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